About Us

  • SIXSIGMA TECHNOSOFT delivers technology innovation to optimize business processes and accelerate your digital transformation journey. With SIXSIGMA TECHNOSOFT’s portfolio of integrated and collaborative technology solutions, ensure maximum efficiency for your business. Bringing in leading industry ideas with an aim to simplify lives with technology solutions – SIXSIGMA TECHNOSOFT believes in adding value to each relationship.

Our Mission

SIXSIGMA TECHNOSOFT provides innovative software solutions to clients through highly skiled and dedicated professionals. We will deliver skills and knowledge that significantly increase our course participants' on-the-job productivity. SIXSIGMA TECHNOSOFT works in partnership with IT companies to full fill their technical outsourcing requirements


Our Value

Honesty : Honesty is the best policy in building relationships with our clients.
Quality : We consciously believe in delievering quality services to our clients.
Our Team : Without result driven workforce we would not be here today. we choose our team member based on their Skills, Experience & Aptitude.


Our Vision

It emphasizes our company’s aim to achieve the standard and success which stands besides our actions and decisions. To be reconized as a client-focused software development firm that delivers exceptional software solutions to clients and to be admired as an IT outsourcer by providing amazing pool of trained software engineers. We transform our trainees to excellent performer.

Industries We Are Serving

Food and beverages

A. Food and beverage industry includes restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and all the other eateries. Having a website makes your business more noticeable. These days’ eating outside is not about the food only. The customers search online about the restaurants there reviews, locations, interior and at last the food. To be on top having a presence online is necessary. For that creating a mobile application and website is the best idea.

B. SIXSIGMA TECHNOSOFT is a perfect answer for all the questions related to food and beverage IT solutions. We will create more than just a website or mobile app; we will create a digital marketing presence for you. Our services include marketing as well. To have an influence on local search result we offer local search optimization services.

Health care

A. Health is the most crucial element of life. For any healthcare industry providing medical help online is a work of charity. For any medical service whether it is road accident or a depression. People first seek online help, as online is the cheapest and quickest way to get results.

B. At SIXSIGMA TECHNOSOFT we have a wide experience of providing IT solutions and services to healthcare industries. We had worked with practices, hospitals, health systems; pharmacies, medical device manufacturers and lab vendors to provide them best objectives with 100% HIPAA – compliance.


A. Mobile technologies are transforming sports and sports businesses. Sports is an industry which has customers from all age group and all the religions. Sports industry is seeking IT solutions for selling organizational merchandize, or tickets and generating leads for salespeople.

B. SIXSIGMA TECHNOSOFT is very proficient in providing IT solutions to sports industries. We had developed projects for sports industries worldwide. We had provided IT solutions to athletes, sports teams, leagues and others.


A. E-Commerce is popular because benefits of e-commerce include around the clock availability, the speed of access, the wide availability of goods and services and international reach. Today’s generation prefer to buy online then visiting shops. Having an e-commerce website is the most profitable business.

B. Excellent Webworld is known for its mobile and website development services. The developers will create an online experience for the customers beyond their expectations. The features in shopping cart provided by our developers are more accessible and will increase the functionality of your project. Our developers are well experienced in providing e-commerce IT services and solutions.

Business to Business

A. B2B stands for business to business. B2B is the transaction of products, services or information between two businesses. B2B is a huge network that allows various business entrepreneurs to interact and avail business opportunities to grow and expand their business online. B2B mobile applications are the latest trend in online marketing.

B. At Excellent Webworld is a company which will provide you the efficient B2B mobile applications and websites. We will provide you the best B2B technology support. Our developers will provide you a professional website or mobile application that will elevate the reputation of your business. The developers will use their profound knowledge to give you the best result

Mobile and wireless

A. Evolution in Mobile and wireless technology is the reason of significant increase in high-end mobile and wireless products. Manufacturers are utilizing latest technologies to elevate in the market. With the help of telecom industries and emerging technologies wireless technologies are deriving large profits.

B. At Excellent Webworld we will give you the best IT solutions regarding mobile and wireless technology. Our team members will use the best and innovative tools to develop mobile and wireless applications. Our team includes expert designers, marketers and developers to increase leads and conversions for business


A. In today’s digitally connected world, interacting with the students require managing more communication channels. Education has been revolutionized by the mobile apps and e-books. Innovative technologies have enabled classrooms to go beyond the PowerPoint presentations, projectors and discussion threads. Transform your prospectus, enhance your teaching experience and make your staff efficient with a single app for education. Get the customized and interactive learning model for your institution.